The 2022 winners of the Balkhi Foundation Higher Education Scholarship are another group of excellent young people who have demonstrated academic success and a personal commitment to being a source of good in their community. The winners of this award receive a $1000 scholarship for attendance at the college or university of their choice along with an option to renew the scholarship for up to four years of study.

The 2022 cohort has demonstrated a commitment to learning and succeeding in the face of numerous obstacles. During their blinded application review, the scholarship committee heard of their persistence and saw how each student strove for academic success. Within their teacher recommendations, students were praised for being bright, compassionate, and mature beyond their years. Our newest scholars have demonstrated substantial community service, participated in independent research, and built communities of support within their towns demonstrating their understanding of the impact they can make with hard work and tenacity.

2022 Balkhi Foundation Scholars:

Abigail Koester of Sarasota Military Academy attending the University of Florida
Carson Wolber of Oldenburg Academy attending Cornell University
Emma Suchsland of Tina Avalon High School attending Truman State University
Ethan Campbell of Vero Beach High School attending Georgetown University
Katrina Machetta of Klein Collins High School attending the University of Pennsylvania
Louis Lee of Sunny Hills High School attending Northwestern University
Marcus Jeffrey of North Star Online School attending University of Nevada
Maryela Cardenas of Bloom High School attending Notre Dame University
Said Gomez of Archer High School attending Georgia Institute of Technology
Zoe Smyth of West-Oak High School attending University of Minnesota Twin Cities

The Balkhi Foundation celebrates the addition of our 2022 Scholars to our group of fantastic 2021, 2020 and 2019 scholars who qualified for scholarship renewal this year. For full details on this year’s winners please visit our Scholar Showcase.

This year is a celebratory one, as the Balkhi Foundation attains it’s goal of funding four cohorts with renewable scholarships simultaneously. This commitment by the Balkhi family is a tangible reminder of our drive to level the playing field through education.

The college experience is life changing, not only to the scholars themselves but to their families and communities. If you would like to help the Balkhi Foundation in its mission to fight inequality through education, please consider donating now. All donations go directly toward providing scholarships to exceptional students.

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