Asia Khatoon
Board Member

As a mother, Asia knows the impact that family support can have on building pathways to a student’s success. Educated as a teacher in Karachi, Asia has lived her life with the goal of helping her children reach new heights while maintaining ties to the family and community. While at times this meant assigning her children extra homework to do after school lessons or working with instructors to make sure her children were doing their best, she never thought twice about doing what was right to give her children the best chance to excel.

When she immigrated to the United States with three young children, she came to have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the profound impact parents have on building the love of learning that students rely on for years to come. Despite having a significant language barrier, Asia was committed to her children’s success and served as an advocate for their pursuit of knowledge. Her dedication to community persisted as well, whether it was patiently teaching other children to read Arabic or extending her hospitality to others in need, Asia was determined to be a support to those around her. Now as a parent of four children and a grandmother, it is Asia’s commitment to bring her wisdom and experience working with children to the Balkhi Foundation by making the opportunities her children had available to talented students in need.

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