Shahid Ahmed
Board Member

Shahid Ahmed immigrated to USA in 1976 as a graduate student. After finishing his education he taught at various schools and colleges (Lame Dear Public School, Hardin High School, Dull Knife Memorial College, Little Big Horn College) in Montana. He moved to Washington state in 1989 to be a teacher at Central Kitsap High school and taught mathematics. He also was an adjunct mathematics professor at Olympic College in Bremerton WA before retiring to Florida with his wife in 2014. Prior to his retirement, Mr. Ahmed was Montana Mathematics educator of the year in 1987 and a presidential award nominee for Washington state Mathematics and Science educator of the year in 2012.

Mr. Ahmed has had the privilege of working with students from a wide range of backgrounds, including his initial teaching in his home country of Pakistan at Gomal University in a northern city D. I. Khan. In the United States, he has taught within the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, to his most recent college and high school service in suburban Washington state. During his career, he was actively involved in promoting mathematics education and continues to serve as an active participant of Educational Testing Services AP Calculus program. Mr. Ahmed knows that access to affordable education can be the catalyst for success among hard working and talented students and it is his goal to see more outstanding students achieve their dreams with the Balkhi Foundation.

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