The Balkhi Foundation Technology Training Grant is open to any Florida K-12 students who need financial assistance to attend a technology based training program, internship, or workshop. Rather than provide foundational skills, the Technology Training Grant is designed to elevate the individual victories of self taught inventors, programmers, designers, and engineers by providing them a vehicle to attain marketable skills and training to shine within their area of interest. Awardees of the grant can apply for $200 – $500 in funds to be used to defray the cost of transportation and attendance to a technology program, internship, or workshop. 

Example programs include (but are not limited to) Girls Who Code Immersion Program, Code Fever Youth Training, FIRST in Florida Competitions, Tech Sassy Girlz Summer Programs, Black Girls Code Events, CyberPatriot Competitions, CSforALL projects and events.

Eligibility: The funding technology education scholarship is open to any Florida K-12 students who need financial assistance to attend a technology based training program, internship, or workshop. Priority is given to applicants who can demonstrate an existing background knowledge in the area of study. 

Applicants Must Submit

  • One teacher recommendation that speaks to their academic achievement and their interest in technology 
  • A statement of no more than one page explaining the student’s interest in the program and the student’s previous experience with the technology they are studying. Students can also submit additional demonstration items as evidence of their existing knowledge or interest in their area of study.  
  • Acceptance letter if training program or internship is of restricted admission
  • If an applicant is selected for funding, a parent or legal guardian must sign a statement of commitment stating they are aware of the student’s enrollment in the program and that they intend to facilitate the student’s attendance to the intended program. 

Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until program funds are exhausted.

If student does not have an email address or you want all correspondence to the parent address, please enter N/A

School Information

Please enter "Homeschool" if the student is currently exclusively homeschooled. Students enrolled in Florida Virtual School should enter "Florida Virtual School" or "FLVS"
Please enter the grade the student is currently enrolled in. Summer applicants please enter the grade the student will attend in the upcoming semester. Homeschooled students please enter your most recent grade equivalent.
Technology or Computer Science teachers preferred. If unavailable, please provide a letter from the teacher that can best speak to the student's technical skill. Homeschooled students are recommended to request recommendation letters from individuals other than their parents if possible, such as co-op instructors, coaches/mentors, employers, or volunteer coordinators.
The Foundation will independently contact the recommending teacher to complete a recommendation form for the student. Students should alert potential recommenders that they will be contacted by the foundation via email.

Program Information

Budget Outline

Please use this section to provide estimates (to the best of your ability) of the expenses you are requesting funding for. These expenses should be solely related to the program/internship and are not to be used as substitution for lost income or as a student stipend.
Total amount requested for the Technology training grant
Please specifically break down the reasons for the costs requested (e.g. $50 for admission ticket to event x, $23 train pass to commute to internship site). Please be as detailed as possible.