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7 Ways to Keep High Schoolers Learning During Quarantine

As we all know, now is the time for social distancing and learning at home. So the question for many families is how to keep high schoolers learning during quarantine. While there is no shortage of ideas for younger students, high schoolers need more complicated activities to keep them learning rather than checking their phones. […]

Finding Education Scholarships: Where to Start

While college is a dream for many high schoolers, the mounting cost of tuition, fees, and living expenses to achieve a college education can price many talented students out of an amazing education experience. While an increasing number of students are taking on private or government subsidized loan debt, to the tune of an average […]

Bringing Technology Education to Kids: 5 Free Tools You Should Know About

At the Balkhi Foundation, we know that technology has the power to be a gateway to a bright future and an amazing career.  As a child one of our founders, Syed, used his free time to teach himself ways to build websites. These hours spent learning new things ultimately led to the successful creation of WPBeginner, […]

NAEP: The Nations Report Card and a Spotlight on Florida

Periodically since 1969, the US Department of Education has administered the The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) to a representative subset of children enrolled in the fourth, eighth, or twelfth grade in the United States. These subject based assessments are widely used to benchmark a state’s performance both in comparison to other states and in […]

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The importance of providing assistance for talented students such as these cannot be understated. These talented winners were chosen after blinded review of hundreds of candidates, many of whom still require financial assistance to attend college. Please consider donating to the Balkhi Foundation to fund even more of these extremely talented students in 2020.
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