The Balkhi Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of our 2020 Balkhi Foundation Higher Education Scholarship. The winners of this year’s scholarship each will receive a $1000 to towards the cost of attendance at their chosen university.

This year’s applicants were an especially talented group from across the United States with an average 4.2 weighted GPA, phenomenal recommendation letters, and an unparalleled commitment to their school and community. A record number of our applicants will graduate simultaneously with their associates degrees and high school diploma and the majority of our applicants had dual enrollment experience. This year’s application was administered in the middle of COVID 19 lockdowns for most if not all student applicants and both students and the recommending teachers are to be commended for their perseverance and dedication to academic pursuits despite the situation.

2020 Balkhi Foundation Scholars:

Aisha Chebbi of Coral Reef Senior High Attending Princeton University
Ansley Elkins of The South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Math attending The College of Charleston
Anyi Li of Norfolk Christian School attending University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Daniel Simone of Miami Beach Senior High attending Princeton University
Dat “David” Ho of Oak Ridge High School attending Texas A & M
David De Souza of Academy of Health Sciences at PGCC attending Pomona College
Erick Rocher of Freedom High School attending Johns Hopkins University
Nada Maher of Palm Beach Lakes High School attending Florida Atlantic University
Regina Garcia of Highlands High School attending University of California – Davis
Sade McIntosh of Medgar Evers College Preparatory School attending Carnegie Mellon University

We whole heartedly congratulate our 2020 Balkhi Foundation Scholars and celebrate our 2019 Balkhi Foundation Scholars – nine of whom were chosen for a $1000 scholarship renewal. For full details on this years winners please visit our Scholar Showcase.

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