The Balkhi Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of our 2021 Balkhi Foundation Higher Education Scholarship and Rotary Scholarship. The winners of this year’s scholarship each will receive a $1000 annual renewable award towards the cost of attendance at their college or university.

The 2021 cohort of Scholars represents a group of exceptional young people from across the United States. Each student demonstrated a strong personal commitment to academics, a persistence despite numerous obstacles, and a dedication to succeeding in their chosen field. This year’s scholars were each recognized by their recommending teachers as a mature and thoughtful member of their high school and their local community. The 2021 scholars will be entering college with substantial credits toward graduation, a legacy of service, and a commitment to academic excellence.

2021 Balkhi Foundation Scholars:

Amelia Hixon (Rotary Scholar) of Westwood Academy Attending Indian River State College
Anya Petreski of Crown Point High School attending Indiana University – Bloomington
Christian Keller of The Woodlands High School attending University of Texas at Austin
Dylan Silverman-Barnes of Conway High School attending University of Central Arkansas
Emily Orozco of Compton High School attending University of California – Los Angeles
Hui Qian “Jenny” Chen of Lakeside High School attending University of Georgia Honor’s College
Jamia Gunera Amador of Apopka High School attending University of Central Florida
Jiazhen Li Ruan of Atlantic Community High School attending University of Southern California
Justin Baumann of Bernards High School attending Stevens Institute of Technology
Nathan Kap of Perry Meridian High School attending Purdue University
Zaharias Avgoullas of Holy Cross High School attending Adelphi University

The Balkhi Foundation celebrates the 2021 Scholars and our 2020 and 2019 scholars who qualified for scholarship renewal this year. For full details on this year’s winners please visit our Scholar Showcase.

Each year, the Balkhi Foundation commits to funding a renewable $1000 scholarship for ten talented young people facing financial obstacles. This year, in partnership with the Rotary Club of the Northern Palm Beaches, the Foundation was able to fund an additional Rotary Scholar. If you would like to help the Balkhi Foundation in its mission to fight inequality through education, please consider donating now. All donations go directly toward providing scholarship and grants to exceptional students.

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