You have successfully submitted your application for the 2023 Balkhi Foundation Higher Education Scholarship!

Your application will be reviewed for completion and accuracy prior to your two recommending teachers being contacted to complete the foundation’s recommendation form. Only the official recommendation form will be accepted. All teacher recommendations must be received by 11:59 PM EST on Friday, April 28. Your recommenders should receive a confirmation message once their recommendation is received by the foundation.

The Board will conduct a blinded first round review of all complete applications. From this first review, approximately 50 students will be selected as finalists. All students will be notified of their status as a finalist or not in May. Students should check the Balkhi Foundation website for the announcement of finalist emails prior to contacting the foundation for the status of their application.

All finalists will then have one week to provide the following documents to verify their application:

Your High School Transcript. This can be an official or unofficial copy of your transcript. Your transcript must be an electronic copy (scanned document, screen capture, PDF, etc.) and your full name on the transcript must match the name on your application. No paper copies or mail in copies will be accepted at our physical address.

Your College/University Acceptance Letter. To verify your college acceptance, please provide a copy of your college acceptance letter. This can be a scanned copy of your paper acceptance letter or a screen capture of your electronic acceptance letter. Please be sure that your full name and the full university name are visible.

Your FAFSA Student Aid Report. Please have an electronic copy of your FAFSA student aid report. We only need the first page of the report in which your name and EFC are visible (see example below), NOT the full report.

Example SAR Curtesy of ACPE

We recommend that all applicants please have the above documents ready as students will only have one week to provide these supplemental documents and local school calendars may impact your ability to request a transcript.

All finalists will be notified of their final status as a winner of the scholarship via email prior to winners appearing on the Balkhi Foundation website. Students with questions can contact the foundation at

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